Rikki Charles Fitness Guru
Rikki's Philosophy

Celebrities get their incredible bodies by working closely with fitness experts who create special exercise regimens and nutritional counseling. If you covet a total transformation of your body, fitness guru Rikki Charles can help you achieve the body of your dreams. A personal trainer and life-style expert, she has the knowledge and resources to create and develop a total transformation from the inside out. Based on your personal goals, Rikki will develop a life style program that will transform your body.

Working with her clients one-on-one, Rikki believes that finding a client's fitness niche is very important in achieving long and short-term goals. Rikki uses a combination of one-on-one strength training, yoga, stretching, martial arts and nutritional planning in order to make training fun and successful. Rikki works with her clients likes and dislikes creating unique fitness regimens that are specific to each and every client. With Rikki Charles Fitness Guru, fitness is always fun.

Rikki Charles Fitness Guru

Rikki Charles, Fitness Guru
Rikki and Wendy Williams

Rikki Charles, Fitness Guru Rikki and Katie Couric

Rikki Charles, Fitness Guru Rikki with the Rockettes
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